Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 2

In keeping with my plan, I head down to Science World, strategy in hand. Tonight I dance without a personal stereo device. I mean, if one of the points of mobile clubbing is to do something on your own simultaneously within a community, what happens when you try to enter that community without following the proper rules? Well, if I thought I was uncomfortable being looked upon by those who pass by, and my camera pointed directly on me for a whole half hour, this night was excruciating. Without an internal focus, ie. the music, my attention was propelled much further than the bubble-like boundary of space in which my body occupied. To further complicate the matter, I was without a stereo, the signifier that alerts people to why I am there and what I am doing. So, the gaze was not only from the passer-by, but also from other members of the group. Although I could be imagining this due to my heightened self-awareness, I am sure I did notice more eye contact that was not followed by a smile. Last night, eye contact was usually always followed with a smile, the smile of recognition that we were into this activity together. So there I was, trying to dance away with no music and not much connection with my comrades. It certainly felt as if I was on the edge of a dance circle, not able to get in.

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