Friday, December 04, 2009

Progress Report

Everything has been full steam ahead lately. Yesterday, I gave an artist talk about my work to the Socs 201 Intro to Cultural Theory and it went really well, from my perspective, except that I forgot a couple of my punchlines. But the information fell into place, as it tends to do when you are talking about your work, work that you are both invested in and passionate about. Sharing my ways of thinking about praxis-based practice in relation to my process was great in that it really helped solidify my own understanding. The questions were great, and I had no reason to be nervous, even though there were 175 of them!

Danna Vajda and Kristina Lee Podesva have sent me their essays for the first book, I am so pleased, I can hardly stand it. Juho Jäppinin will have to provide some serious book design work to make a form worthy of such thoughtful words.

Video submissions are trickling in, always looking for more though, and I seem to be constantly posting comments and notices, twittering, facebooking, stumbling and otherwise browbeating my people into submission (pun intended). Help me get the word out people! I know I am getting about 50 hits a day on this blog, but there are no trace elements left behind to prove this, and thank goodness for google analytics for making me not lose my mind from the appearance of lonely. Feel free to leave comments, show me that you are there. Particularly tell me if you are planning to send in a submission, but haven't gotten around to it yet. That would be just lovely! Particularly of interest are submissions from Northern Canada and the Maritimes. Images of these areas are skimpy, and I would love to have every area represented in some way. Also, I am surprised to not have received any "protester" clips. I was expecting a tonne of those, as this will be one of the only ways that protesting will be viewed publicly from a non-media source.

On another note, Jeffrey, from Jeffrey Boone Gallery has found me a...get this...wireless surveillance camera! How exciting is that?! No crazy wiring and strata council approval necessary for this little lovely. Here, take a look for yourself:

the most beautiful surveillance camera in the world

Okay, that is all I have to say for now.


  1. We're spreading the word and are already carrying our cameras. Great project idea!