Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Lover --the Not Sent Letters Show

So, I didn't get into detail about the project in the last post on account I didn't want to spoil it. Some people think that you can experience the work in the same way by watching the video without having to be "there". Personally, I disagree because there is just something wonderful about how performance works on your body. And you have agency over where you look, the details you focus on and the moments you gloss over. In fact, Nola and I had a long conversation as to whether we were happy showing the performance in its entirety online. For now, we have decided that future DIY Lover performances will be discrete, stand alone pieces, so for now we will leave it. And YES, that is correct, DIY Lover will be reinvented in Portland on February 19th, for a special Valentines Day performance. Stay tuned!

Rina out.

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