Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Paralympics are coming, get your cameras ready!

Well, the Paralympic Games are almost here, and I am looking forward to the added video footage! Also, if you missed my "Change in Plan" section above, The project will NOT be up until tomorrow. So sorry if you came by this week. Apparently, I was not in the loop regarding scheduling. I have had a few perplexed callers, and one insisting that our invitation card "implied that it would be running" which I tend to agree with. Apologies all around! Please let me know if you were one of the unfortunate people who made a special trip to the DTES.

I did not receive any footage of the Paralympic Torch Relay yet, if you are in possession of some clips, please send them my way.

We still have a few books left, if you are interested in reading about the project through the ideas of Danna Vadja and Kristina Podesva, please come by the gallery.

And for my good news!

We Are Watching will be travelling to Finland for exhibition, yay!

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