Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tonight's the night

Tonight is the last evening that I will be keeping gallery hours between 6-10pm, so if you are interested in seeing my project while I am around, drop by and I will make tea. Otherwise, the project is still viewable from public space, and alternatively, I will make myself available by appointment only. Of course, the gallery is open regular hours during the day, if you are interested in purchasing the book, but the projections start at dusk. To make an appointment, please email your request to weRwatching2010 [at]


  1. So sorry I missed your exhibit while I was in Vancouver. I hope you had a great turn out! If there is any footage that can be viewed online please let me know.

  2. Hiya Christina!

    I almost missed your comment, sorry for such a late reply. No worries, I knew you were here for a very specific purpose, and it was nice that you were able to enjoy the events.

    I am considering an online archive, just because it is an archive, and will let you know when that becomes available.

    Thanks again for your participation, your tweeting and blogging was really appreciated in addition to your footage.

    Kind regards,