Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Life has been a crazy lately, mind-blowing crazy. Crazy, like I'm going to throw up, crazy like my head might explode and crazy like I am so excited I can hardly stand it. And busy. oh my goodness, busy. It has also been over one week since I have blogged, and I am afraid I can only offer up an abridged version of progress without musings or funny anecdotes --never mind clever ideas! I just have none at the moment. But probably at about 3 am, my thoughts will start and I will wonder if I should jot them down instead of moving my furniture around, which is what I have been doing at 3 am as of late. Yes folks, I have a bad case of the butterflies.

Having said that, Jeffrey found long range wireless outdoor speakers for me, the book has gone through a most thorough editing (thanks Kristina and Jeffrey!), the postcards and brochures are available and I keep getting more submissions (yay!).

And that is where I am at folks. I will leave you with a series of video stills that I am particularly fond of. Stay tuned for a report on the hopefully final install test that will take place Saturday night.

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