Sunday, February 07, 2010

Celebratory Sushi with Nathan

Yesterday's install and test went better than I expected, not because I am a downer, but I have found technology unpredictable on the first go. So we now have the large projector installed in Shawna's apartment. Is it serendipity that Jeffrey knew Shawna before this project, and that she just happened to live in a loft facing the exact same wall that we would need to project on? Some days make me quiver with excitement...Shawna's apartment is fab,
I am almost hoping for some kind of laptop crash just so I can get in there again...hold on, I did say almost! Okay that is projector one, up and ready after many hours of fidgeting (see Jeffrey fidget-->) and the results are quite amazing. You can see here the cute little projection that lands on the glass window, where Shawna
can view the whole event from the comfort of her own home, glass of wine in hand.
(That is Nathan on the floor and Jeffrey standing standing behind him).
And this is an image of the reflection from the window on her couch. It's amazing how clear everything is, even the crappiest file quality shows well with this super-projector! So don't be afraid to send in your cell phone vids, it's all good.And lastly, the two images below are the sneak preview of what you can expect in the gallery. Notice the infrared technology looking like a bad case of pink eye.
Hope you can make it to see all the components together. The opening is this Friday, February 12th at 7-10 pm at 1 Cordova Street in Vancouver. See for details.

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