Monday, January 25, 2010

The Book is Almost Ready!

Lately, there has been quite the push to organize Book 1 of We Are Watching. As you might have heard, the We Are Watching project will have a book/exhibition catalogue accompanying the event/exhibition. The first book will be available at the gallery on opening day and will include some texts about the project, information on those people who have helped me get here and images selected from the video submissions of the 2010 Torch Relay. We have collected all the texts and I have selected all of the images, and Juho, my Finnish book designer (not only do I love having my own technician, I also lay claim to my Finnish book designer), is putting the whole thing together, and we will send it to the printer tomorrow. Yay! So if you have been missing my posts, or tweets, I am now back.

Other news includes:

I have a new ftp site, for those who have taken large files, or many files and would like to send them easily. I find this method better than downloading from Youtube on account that VANOC is now pulling the video down, even from my blog boo! And downloading results in a loss of quality. So, please feel free to contact me for the ftp site details.

As we have all heard, because we all pay attention to CBC radio ;-), the torch has reached British Columbia, and I am hoping to still collect Torch clips, so please help me get the word out. Other areas that are under representative are: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, P.E.I, our Territories, and most small towns. If you know someone in these areas, please send a request for video, it is out there, just needs to be found.

We have sound! Jeffrey, lovely Jeffery, has bought me a couple of wireless outdoor speakers. Yay Jeffery, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! It didn't take many submissions for me to realize that sound was so much part of the visual experience.

Mark your calendars, we open on Friday, February 12th at dusk. There will be many events and shows opening that night in the area, so bring your family and friends, leave your car at home, and come down for an evening of Olympic, but not Olympic, celebrations. See for the program lineup.

Here is a lovely video that I think I will use in a future art project too! I am not sure if it is from Christina, or her brother. Either way, I can't wait to play with it.


  1. Hi Rina, is there supposed to be a link to the video? I don't see it. Really looking forward to seeing your project when I'm in Vancouver.

    Christina Wallaert

  2. You are absolutely right, thanks for reminding me! I had trouble getting the file to upload, will try again.