Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today was an exciting day.

Some of you may have noticed from my tweets that I spent this afternoon in the gallery with Nathan, my back-end programmer (I LOVE having a back-end programmer, by the way, mostly because I love saying it) and Jeffrey. This is the first time that Nathan and Jeffrey have met, and that was a conscious decision on my part, only because I am possessive, and indeed, I found myself reminding Jeffrey that I found Nathan first! Nathan is an extraordinary team member, both in my art practice and in my money-making endeavours. We met almost a year ago through my lovely neighbour, and we have been happily collaborating on projects ever since. His problem solving skills are remarkable and he is really reliable (more so than the artist-come-techs that I have been used to dealing with, no offense intended). Through our projects, I have become comfortable in taking on tons of work that I have no idea can be accomplished, and when I bring the problem to Nathan, he always finds a brilliant solution where I don't have to compromise, and that is just great as far as I am concerned. In fact, I have been so spoiled, that I don't even worry about technical aspects anymore. I think I am in love.

So back to the gallery. As mentioned in Tuesday's post, the part of the software that performed the function of taking the video clips out of my email inbox and opening them was up and running. Today we tested the section of code that functions to slot the open video into a lineup which feeds to the player, whilst hooked up to a projector. Of course there were a few glitches, mostly because the mac we will be installing runs on 10.4 and Nathan was programming on 10.5. But with a little tweeking, the program is officially up and running. Next Nathan will work out the line-up parameters and the moderation component. He says this will take only about 4 hours and we should have the whole thing ready to test in a few days. I need to take pictures, I just realized hmmmm...

I am going to try to share another video with you. Fingers crossed!

This is a video taken in Stratford, Ontario, a place I adore mostly because it brings back wonderful memories of a time when I worked at the Stratford Theatre as a Jewelry Designer....ahhhh Stratford...lazy weekends...hobbies...dinner parties...killer parties...rooftop garden growing tomatoes...with good people...sigh...Oh ya, this video was submitted by Michaela McMahon, who skillfully demonstrates panning.

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