Friday, January 08, 2010

Inspired By a Blog Comment

I have been thinking lately about the ways that people take video. Surveying the submissions thus far, there are a few distinct approaches that are clearly definable, and for which I have taken the liberty to name by appropriating film jargon: "the climax", "character development" and "scenography". They are all pretty much self-explanatory; the climax refers to the passing-of-the-torch-moment, character development is the following of one particular torch bearer, either through camera panning, or the jiggly-running-next-to-the-torch-bearer technique. Scenography documents the scene, whether it be the tension build-up, the crowd warmer-uppers, the protesters, the crowd dispersal, the secondary players, a.k.a.,  and the periphery players --those setting up, organizers or, as they say in the theatre, those who strike (take everything down). To illustrate the different genres of torch relay videography, over the next few days, I will post a few clips from the submissions for your viewing pleasure, and to encourage participation, as I am sure you will find a technique, or clip that you have already taken, that will match the examples in technical rigour and artistic merit ;-)

Thanks for reading, and keep the clips coming!

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