Monday, January 11, 2010

Phase one of the software building is complete and tested!

Yesterday, I had a fabulous meeting with my most excellent programmer, Nathan Dickerson. He demonstrated the section of HTML code that he has been writing for me. It's action is to automatically take the video files that are emailed to me (by you) out of my inbox and open them. The test for this section of code went off without a glitch and the the next section will place the clip into a line up that will open in a video player. The completed software is scheduled to be tested with the projector this Saturday. Stay tuned!

The video submissions continue to flow in, thanks so much! It amazes me how much more information is offered up with every new perspective. And what has really come to my attention is how important the sound is in giving the visuals meaning. This observation has sent me furiously searching for cheap ways to project the sound, so much to do, so little time!

And to return to my ongoing conversation regarding videography, please see Wade Fitzgerald's climax submission from Newfoundland.

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